If your lips are anything like mine, they are prone to being chapped and dry all the time. So, it's always a struggle when I have back to back meetings or all day events and I have to deal with my dry lips. It has been difficult to find a lip moisturizer that both hydrates my lips for an extended period while also giving them a vibrant, natural color. I'm not kidding when I say this, but I had searched high and low and had found nothing. I tried everything from drugstore chapsticks to expensive lip products to just smearing coconut oil across my lips, but none of them achieved what I was looking for. I'd apply the chapstick of the day and just thirty minutes later, my lips were back in the same spot...dry, chapped and not pretty.

And then, after all of my searching, it happened.  The beauty gods smiled down upon me handing down two amazing lip products. Rather than have you struggle the same way I did, I wanted to share my "go to" chapsticks for all the ladies who have the same problem as me + whose lips need some TLC, especially when you're out and about all day.


First up is one of my favorites from French beauty brand, Claudalie, of which I have been a fan and customer for as long as I can remember. I love that Claudalie uses natural ingredients in their products; it makes their products a dream for your skin and face. When I discovered their "French Kiss" lip balm, I knew I had found the answer to my prayers.  As I placed a sample on my finger tip at Sephora and rubbed the "French Kiss" into my lips, I knew immediately that this product was something different. I smiled as I knew I would not have to go another day with dry, chapped lips.  The "French Kiss" moisturized my lips immediately, and I could tell it would lock this moisture in all day long. I normally choose the "Innocence" color as it provides a natural tint with just a hint of rose that I love to wear with a more natural-looking face.

After I apply my Claudalie "French Kiss," I like to give them a little bit more love by finishing the look with a lip gloss. My "go to" lip gloss at the moment is Chanel Rouge COCO Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer in "744 Subtil." I dab a little bit on and smear as a finishing top coat while still keeping a very natural sun-kissed summer look for my face. This sounds cheesy, but it's absolutely lovely. There are some other lip glosses that I wear from time to time, but the Chanel Glossimer is my "go to" for the summer.

Next time you're at Sephora, sample these two products that are my summer lip essentials for beautiful and natural lips to see if they can help you get through your day. A little TLC for your lips is all you need to feel refreshed and vibrant and ready to tackle that after-lunch work meeting or after-work drinks with your squad. Tell me what you think! 


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